How to style: Glass Domes

As spotted in this weeks SCMP Post Magazine, tips on how to style the glass done in new inventive ways.

Glass domes are having an in fashion moment right now which is perfect for me as I'm a huge fan, they really are now the hottest accessory for the mantle, sideboard or coffee table.You can use them to display, watches, jewellrey, books, fruit, family photos, candles the possibilities are endless. The best part is that you can update a room just by changing what’s inside.  I love putting white orchids stacked on old books in mine or even our gold cactus when I want to make a quirky statement, the possibilities are endless! 

Check out the below SCMP article and have fun browsing some style ideas.

Domes day Created centuries ago for the garden, cloche domes were once open at the bottom and used as mini greenhouses to protect seedlings and other plants from frostbite and pests. These days they can be found as table centrepieces or elsewhere suitable for displays of anything from soap and candles to perfumes and jewellery. At parties in Hong Kong, Shana Buchanan of has used them to showcase family photos and flowers, and for Halloween last year, she filled them with skulls and black butterflies. In her own home, she uses an oversized dome with a wooden base (HK$2,990, through to display her favourite books.

Check out the rest of the SCMP article here, was a super fun day chatting with the editor Charmaine Chan.

Other fun Dome styling ideas: