Australian artist DanielleX captures Hong Kong from a fresh perspective

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DanielleX is an artist and photographer on the rise. Her work has a distinctive, Antipodean appeal that evokes Australian beach culture and the bold, bohemian aesthetic associated with interior design down under that’s both modern and effortlessly chic. In an exclusive collaboration with home decor store iDecorate, DanielleX has created a series of limited-edition prints that capture Hong Kong from her refreshingly unique perspective, transforming the city into a graphic wonderland that will look great on your wall. We caught up with DanielleX to get her thoughts on our hometown as a subject, how she captures the spirit of a situation and how art has an impact in interiors.

Hong Kong is a very photogenic city, why did you decide to break from convention and capture Hong Kong in the way that you did?
I see myself as an artist who uses a camera as their paintbrush. I see the frame from an abstract art perspective rather than through a photographer’s lens, so for this series it was about looking at everyday Hong Kong subjects, but seeing the depth and layered intrigue in the scenes in front of me. The streetscape here holds an intangible energy that I wanted my images to portray. It is about diving deep and feeling yourself in the colour, vibrancy and movement of the city.

There’s a really graphic element to your images – is this something that you set out to achieve?
Graphic elements are seen throughout my images as I like to manipulate the images into a work of art as opposed to a photo. I like the viewer to question that concept and to position my work along that fine line. I dance between the two.

Tropic Thunder

Do you find Hong Kong inspiring? If so, how?
It is the movement and static, the silence and noise, the intense colour and energy, the high and low, the cold shoulder and warm light, the stillness and chaos, the hidden and exposed, the reflective attraction and the complex intrigue that heightens the senses.

What did you discover about Hong Kong while shooting this series?
Hong Kong is a place of contradiction. It has an intoxicating attraction that draws you in at every direction and a grit and soul in an ordered yet chaotic sense.

What do you think art and photography add to interior design?
Coming from a interior design background, art and photography can completely change the feel and look of a space, but most often end up being the last thing we select when considering our decor scheme. Wall art, gives a space character, it gives a space soul. Art needs to talk to the viewer and evoke an emotion. It can also be the very element in design that pulls a interior space together in a cohesive way.

Attention Seeker

Seduce Me

Power Trip

Field Trip

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By: Mercedes Hutton

All images courtesy of DanielleX