Mitch Gobel "Too Young For Tragedy"


Exclusive to iDecorate in Asia | Mitch Gobel Prints Mitch Gobel is an Australian self taught artist. Through years of perfecting his technique, Mitch has perfected the art of resin which is loved by 34k Instagram followers and 11k Facebook fans. Mitch is a passionate conservationist and donates 25% of profit from each piece sold to wildlife and habitat conservation. ABOUT THE PIECE:Recently I was watching an Attenborough documentary on the Sahara desert, in Africa. There was a quick birds-eye-view shot of a mountain range, with the dried up river beds highlighted throughout the gullies.It documented how water created by snowmelt on Mount Kilimanjaro, came down through these mountain ranges but it seemed that as soon as they were created, they vanished beneath the hot sun.Fortunately, Goongerah and the surrounding environment that MGRA Wildlife + Habitat Conservation is focus on protecting, is not yet under such threat. But if we loose those forests this will be its same fate. This Artwork is a metaphor. Goongerah is not so far gone that its future is decided, its not too late to make a change and above everything else in my life, protecting and preserving the future of this amazing place, WITH YOUR HELP! Is what I hope to achieve. Printed on a high gloss white polymer paper. Each limited edition print comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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